Planning Tools for Potential Projects

  • Homeowner Priorities Worksheet

    The Homeowner Priorities Worksheet helps a household (and project team) clarify their priorities in order to make the value proposition for a proposed deep energy retrofit project. This supports the design process and improves communication with the project team (or family members) as well. (Updated 10/28/20)

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  • Health, Safety, and Durability Plan

    Heal-Saf-Durability Have-a-Plan raises issues that may be relevant to a retrofit project's success and begins to document health, safety, and durability considerations within the scope of work. This references US EPA "Healthy Indoor Environmental Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades" available via

    NOTE: The EPA document was designed to address energy upgrades in existing homes, however, the recommendations do not necessarily reflect the best option for low energy homes. For example, it is usually preferable to eliminate an emission source such as a gas cooking stove, rather than to spot ventilate. (Updated 10/28/20)


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  • Reduction Matrix

    The Reduction Matrix can be used for any proposed or potential 1000 Home Challenge project. It is used to allocate energy use and reductions in order to better understand how a project will meet the project's target use. Instructions are in the first worksheet. (Updated 5/12/15)

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  • 10 Steps to Deep Energy Reductions

    Ten Steps to Deep Energy Reductions provides a framework for assessing and implementing a deep energy reduction project for a specific dwelling. (Updated 03/27/11)

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  • Principles for Smart Staging

    Principles for Smart Staging: If doing an "All-at-Once" project is not an option, consider these principles as you plan a staged approach to deep reductions. (Updated 10/28/20)

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  • Home Energy Heating Calculator Worksheets

    Home Energy Heating Calculator Worksheets: The two worksheets in this spreadsheet allow you to compare the cost of heating using different energy sources and systems (1st tab), as well as converting energy sources to MMBtu and kWh (second tab).

    Thanks to Bob Davis, Ecotope, for the enhancements and permission to use the cost calculator. The energy conversion table was extracted from the 1000 Home Challenge Threshold Calculator developed by Michael Blasnik. (Updated 05/05/16)

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  • Paths to Thermal Comfort

    Paths to Thermal Comfort stimulates out of the box thinking to support the examination of a full array of solutions to reduce heat loss or heat gain and to enhance thermal comfort. (Updated 10/28/20)

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  • Guiding Principles for Deep Energy Reductions

    Guiding Principles for Deep Energy Reductions - Draft: What are the universal principles that define and guide deep energy reduction projects? What is missing? How can the wording be improved? Help clarify the principles that guide deep energy reduction projects. (Updated 03/26/11)

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Deep Energy Reductions

  • Resources on

    Links that lead to a treasure trove of websites, case studies, reports, initiatives, and blogs with diverse perspectives addressing deep energy retrofits. Updated 04/16/14.

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  • Deep Energy Reductions
    in Existing Homes

    Paper for the 2008 ACEEE Summer Study by Linda Wigington.

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  • Home Energy

    Climate Solutions Issue in 2008

    Moving Toward Carbon Neutrality/Nine Steps to Deep Reductions by Linda Wigington.

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  • Moving Existing Homes
    Toward Carbon Neutrality

    This White Paper by Linda Wigington, Special Projects Director ACI, was inspired by the July 2007 ACI Summit.

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Webinars Archive

Read, listen to and download presentation files from previous webinars. Some topics have included:

  • High Performance Hot Water
  • Analyzing Electricity Use
  • Ductless Heat Pumps
  • ...and more!
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Other Resources

Approaching Net Zero Energy in Existing Homes

CMHC report detailing benefits, barriers, and progression to net zero energy performance. This 187-page report details the benefits, barriers, and progression to net zero energy performance. Appendix A features decision trees integrating historical, physical, and durability challenges with deep energy retrofits.

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NCAT Major Retrofits - 1984

NCAT document offers historical perspective, construction details, etc.

Download the PDF
Inspiring Deep Energy Retrofits for Homes

ACHR News covered the Thousand Home Challenge and the exciting results that participants have had in retrofitting their homes to be more energy efficient.

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